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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Project | Since 2017

In March 2017, ITEACH faculty teamed up with local physicians from Udayana University to conduct a research study to assess the prevalence of (RHD) using portable echocardiography devices in Kubu, Karangasem. During a two-day field activity, the group screened more than 300 children under 18 y/o, making it the first tablet echo screening of (RHD) in a rural area of Indonesia.


During a one-day symposium, the team provided lectures to residents, fellows, and physicians from Udayana University, on how to evaluate and analyze the Diastolic Function, and analyze the cardiac function through Speckle Tracking.


Two cardiologists from Indonesia did a rotation at the Echocardiography Lab at Yale New Haven Hospital Heart and Vascular Center. They went back to their country, became faculty members of the local university, and are now recognized as the leaders in new echocardiographic techniques. They introduced echo stress at their local hospital, improved their cardiac imaging protocol, and helped create a new rheumatic heart disease clinic.

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